Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chinese Fortune

My husband and I have been living in China for the past year, participating in a study abroad program and traveling around Asia. The experience has been awesome and we've definitely learned a lot about Chinese/Asian culture. We're coming home in a week, and in a state of "last hurrah" a few nights ago, we decided to stop at the night market to have our fortune's told by an old man who sits on a little mini stool with a blanket on the side of the road.

With our Chinese friend in tow to interpret for us, we headed over and sat down on two little stools, which immediately gathered a big crowd of people interested in hearing our fortunes and to find out what sort of luck laowais (foreigners) have for the future. The fortune teller got our birth dates and approximate birth times and then proceeded to tell us what the future had in store for us.

Luckily, they were both great... mine slightly more lucky than my husband's. There did seem to be one bump... in 2010, I'm going to have relationship issues. But my husband won't, so that's good news. We had the opportunity to ask questions,so naturally I asked if we would have children. He peered into his little book and thought about this for awhile, then triumphantly stated that yes, we would have children. And that the first one would be a boy. He then told us that 2008 is a lucky year for my husband to successfully have children. And that for me, 2010 is the year. Too bad the years don't coincide... All these damn obstacles!

When we were just about to leave, he had one more thing to say. He said that to have more success in conceiving, we just need to change the direction of our bed. Ohhh.... change the direction of our bed... that's the ticket! I wonder why our gynecologist and doctor never told us this?! If only we had known so long ago, it could have been so simple... :)

So in the spirit of Chinese infertility remedies, feng shui it up gals!

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